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Water Rower


The water rower is a great way to work the upper and lower body by using many major muscle groups.  This is a low-impact cardio workout for people with joint issues.  Also, great for weight loss.

Stretching & Massage


Stretching is an effective part of any training session.  Understanding the use and overuse of muscles, stretching can make a key difference in a useful workout session.

Jacob's Ladder


Jacobs Ladder gives you a  high intensity workout  with low impact. You are able to burn calories at a much faster pace . It has a natural climbing motion which takes stress off lower back, hips, and knees.

Cupping, Graston, & Kinesio Tape


Benefits of various techniques are: 

  • improved circulation 
  • decreasing inflamation 
  • reduces pain and increases function
  • breaks down scar tissue
  • helps heal and prevent injury
  • helps treat anxiety, fatigue, arthritis, migraines and cellulite

Treadmill and Bikes


  • Recumbent Bike provides you full back support. Being lower to the ground makes it a safe way to get  a low impact workout if you are unable to use a standard bike. 
  • Treadmill easy to use for great cardio
  • Bicycle can boost cardio while strengthening legs and lower muscles

Weights & Cable Machine


  • Improves Strength
  • Builds balance and coordination
  • Cable machine trains muscles from different angles
  • Intensifies Core Strength